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For the best air-conditioning installers and solutions, look no further than our exclusive partner, ARC Electrical Mechanical. ARC supply, install, service and repair both solar and traditional air conditioning systems for homes of all sizes. There’s no need to sweat through another summer, or shiver through another winter either.




Solar Air-Conditioning



Our Solar Air Conditioners use dedicated photovoltaic solar panels to power the units, since they are fully DC, they can accept direct raw variable DC power from the panels even when there is no grid power! That’s right if you disconnect the grid power, they will work during daylight hours on their own, no need to spend huge dollars on batteries, inverters, charge controllers etc…. Actually, they have an auto start function turning them on when there is enough power in the morning and then turn themselves off in the afternoon once there is insufficient sunlight.


Most of our off grid customers use Hybrids as they can use the air con all day to keep cool or warm and if they need it at night they can flick a switch and use their existing power system to run it at night. This way they are guaranteed to not deplete their batteries from the air con while it runs during the day. The amount of night operation will depend on the size of their existing power system. Alternatively, simply keep the power connected so that it always prioritises the solar panel power first and adds what it needs if the solar power is insufficient.


Solar Air-Conditioning








Split-system Air Conditioning


ARC's range of traditional, premium split-system air conditioning units will provide enough power to cool your entire home or just a few select rooms – your choice. Whatever your needs, ARC's air conditioning experts can help you make the best decision for your family’s needs.



Air Conditioning Servicing


Having your choice of air conditioning supplied and installed is one thing, but regular, professional servicing keeps your air condition running at peak performance. More importantly, regular servicing helps to prevent the spread of allergens and germs – keeping your family healthy and safe. ARC's team of air conditioning service technicians are all highly experienced in servicing and repairs.

Split Systems Air Conditioning








Beat the summer heat with the right air conditioning unit for you. ARC offer the best installation, service and repairs to keep you cool. Get in touch with ARC for a no obligation free quote.



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